“Oh Mother, I Hear You Calling” – The Hilde Girls

Rev. Susan Hawkins Sager

“Requiem” – The Hilde Girls
Words and Music by Eliza Gilkyson

The Meta-Meditation
Responsive Reading

Sharing from the Heart:
David Armistead
Suzanne Armistead
Mark Franke
Fielding Baxter
Suzy Dillard

“Blindsight” – Mark Franke and Elliot Morgan
Original composition performed by Mark Franke and Elliot Morgan

Communion of the Heart: A Visualization
Rev. Susan Hawkins Sager

“Give Yourself to Love” – The Hilde Girls with Solo by Susan Lincoln
Words and Music by Kate Wolfe

Rev. Susan Hawkins Sager

Following the service, everyone is invited
to stay for food and fellowship.
A videographer is on hand to tape any special
message you have for Suzanne and David.



May I be at peace,
May my heart be open.
May I know the beauty
of my own true nature.
May I be free.

May you be at peace.
May your heart be open.
May you know the beauty
of your own true nature.
Be you be free.

May we be at peace.
May our hearts be open.
May we know the beauty
of our own true nature.
May we be free.

May all be at peace.
May all hearts be open.
May all know the beauty
of their own true nature.
May all be free.

(To be “free” is to be free of
the illusions that seem to
separate us from All That Is.)

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